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avantage corporate communications is a creative marketing and advertising agency focused on print and online marketing. As a full service agency avantage creates concepts, designs and produces promotional print items as well as websites and supports social media activities based on expert knowledge, intuition, emotion and high expertise for the costumer needs.

To create, to phrase and to communicate channel specific user benefits is one of the core points in marketing and costumer relationsship management. To give a feeling of awareness to your interested parties by offering different user benefits on facebook, in your weekly newsletter campaign or on your website is one of the key factors to be successful in online-marketing.

We serve our clients trough a market segment that becomes more and more complex regarding to a wide range of opportunities in combining print, web, direct mail and social media campaignes.


  • Various number one google rankings for several clients for more than 3 years making avantage to a leading agency in Search Engine Optimization
  • Laucala Island, one of the world's most exclusive private island resorts trust in avantage's know how as lead agency since 2008
  • German market leaders in the tourism industry and niche travel sectors believe in the avantage concepts of success
  • Creating a „We“ and to start from where the people are is a basic principle of avantage's work.
  • You will benefit from our KISS attitude - Keep It Small and Simple. Whether software modules or advertising concepts.
  • Your profit is our attitude of business. Avantage is sharing knowledge and experiences with its clients every single day.
  • You will never hear a „No“.

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San Diego, United States
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