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Your benefit

To achieve a positive and substainable perception of your company in public oppinion, Avantage helps you to use state of the art methods of communication and interaction with your customers and apply them effectively.

Take advantages of the fascinating range and viral effects in web 2.0 for the growing of your company, use the haptic effects of unique image’s paper and find out which customers click on which links in your newsletters.

Avantage gives you the perspective of generalists, together with commitment and perfection for the small and subtle things. You will benefit from established knowledge, commitment, passion and intuition for the expectations of your customers.

Topics & Trends

  • Rank 1 in Google ... realistic or not? Various clients benefits from the Avantage’s expertise when it comes to search engine optimization. Several constant rank 1 positions speak for themselves.
  • Valuable experience ... working as lead agency for one of the most exclusive private islands in the world, Laucala Island, Avantage could gain valuable experience and detailed knowledge in the prospering sector of luxury travel and international top level hotel business.
  • Market leader in niche’ segments such as hunting or cultural travel to castles, palaces, gardens and historic houses rely for over 5 years on the successful concept of Avantage.

How many business cards have you until now been handed over? Which of them do you still remember? And why?

The unique marketing check of Avantage gives you the first answers as well as valuable suggestions - Make an appointment!

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Laucala Island, Fiji
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